About Us

BantuNauts RAYdio is a weekly music radio program broadcasting from Little Rock (Arkansas) on KABF 88.3 FM . The show was created in 2014 by wife and husband team Bibi and Charles Ray.

The name of the show is a combination of the words Bantu (people) and Nauts (sailors). BantuNauts are “travelers who explore the world through music, arts and traditions”.

One of the goals of the show is to explore cultures around the world, with a particular focus on  the music and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. If you like listening to great music, exploring other cultures, and connecting with people from all over the world, you’re in the right place!

The show airs live on Saturdays from 10pm to midnight (Central Standard Time). You can listen to the live show online via TuneIn at http://tunein.com/radio/KABF-883-s31318/.

You can listen to past shows by browsing the Podcasts page.

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